1. Til I Forget About You
  2. Boyfriend
  3. City Is Ours
  4. Nothing Even Matters
  5. Worldwide
  6. Halfway There
  7. Big Night
  8. Oh Yeah
  9. Count on You
  10. I Know You Know
  11. Big Time
  12. Famous
  13. Stuck
  14. Any Kind of Guy
  15. This Is Our Someday
  16. Boyfriend (con Snoop Dogg y New Boyz)
  17. All I Want For Christmas
  18. Beautiful Christmas
  19. Music Sounds Better With U
  20. Show Me
  21. All Over Again
  22. No Idea
  23. Cover Girl
  24. Love Me Love Me
  25. If I Ruled the World
  26. Invisible
  27. Time Of Our Life
  28. Superstar
  29. You're Not Alone
  30. Elevate
  31. Blow Your Speakers
  32. Paralyzed
  33. Epic
  34. Windows Down
  35. A Hard Day's Night
  36. Revolution
  37. Help
  38. Can't Buy Me Love
  39. We Can Work It Out
  40. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  41. 24/Seven
  42. Like Nobody's Around
  43. Get Up
  44. Song For You
  45. Run Wild
  46. Crazy For U
  47. Picture This
  48. Confetti Falling
  49. Amazing
  50. We Are
  51. Love Me Again
  52. Just Getting Started
  53. Untouchable
  54. Lost in Love
  55. Na Na Na
  56. "yolo""

Nothing Even Matters- Big Time Rush Editar


Publicado ExtraoficialmenteEditar

Estas canciones no fueron vistas ni en la serie ni en un album

  1. I Won't Give Up
  2. intermission
  3. Anything
  4. Falling Apart
  5. She Drives
  6. Wherever You Are
  7. So What
  8. Cruise Control
  9. Anything
  10. Words Mean Nothing
  11. Featuring You (Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt)
  12. Young Love
  13. My Song For You(Carlos PenaVega)
  14. Blink (Composición)
  15. Untouchable (Demo - Kendall Schmidt y Logan Henderson)
  16. Just Getting Started (Demo - Kendall Schmidt y Logan Henderson)
  17. Star U Are(Logan Henderson y Alex Jay)
  18. Do It All Again (Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt)
  19. Next Step (Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt)
  20. Tonight is a Fairytale
  21. Don't Stop
  22. It Is What It Is(Kendall Schmidt)
  23. Rich Girl (Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt)
  24. First Time
  25. Everyday Girl (Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt)
  26. [[Redlight Greenlight|Redlight Greenlight (Logan Henderson y Kendall Schmidt)

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Heffron DriveEditar

Esta banda está integrada por Kendall Schmidt y Dustin Belt, el guitarrista de BTR.

Canciones de KendallEditar

Canciones cómo solistas. Estas son canciones de sus canales de YouTube, o de otro medio.


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